About Charlotte's


Charlotte’s Fine Jewelry first opened their doors in 1970, in Sierra Madre, California. We specialize in custom making jewelry in both white and yellow 14 Karat gold, 18 Karat gold, and Platinum, offering original and custom designs by Charlotte. If you have a design in mind, Charlotte is happy to work with you to bring your dream to life. All of our rings are made using only the highest quality metals and stones, and cast from hand sculpted wax designs; after casting, designs and details are hand engraved onto each ring individually, making each ring truly unique and special. Our leaf and floral designs, for example, have a lot of special finishes and hand carving that is done after casting.

Charlotte’s offers all-natural, untreated gem stones of all varieties, cut by our master gem cutter. Most of our styles can be modified to include additional stone settings. If you have a photograph or design of jewelry we can make the design in wax, for you to approve, and then create the piece. If a design requires computer precision, we do have CAD available, although most of our pieces are sculpted and designed entirely by hand.


Charlotte, herself, moved from Sierra Madre, California to Edmonds, Washington in 1992, where she has remained. She had two stores in the Seattle area for seven and a half years while retaining the original location in Sierra Madre. She found traveling between California and Washington to be too much to continue with and closed the California location, before eventually closing the doors on her Washington stores as well.

While Charlotte loves the beauty, temperate climate, and nice people of Washington, she found that she missed creating beautiful pieces of wearable art for people, so she has returned to selling her jewelry to the wider audience available through the internet.

Please feel free to contact Charlotte or call (425) 422-2950.